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To help you become your own boss, we created 18 courses with the support of 70 entrepreneurs, coaches and professionals. These 18 courses contain 250 videos and podcasts, over 30 worksheets, checklists and quizzes. All courses are very practical and include easy to follow steps to develop your business and grow yourself personally.

Which Course to Start with?

To help you find out which courses are the best for you to start, we created this guide for you. See on the right side the statements which best describe your current situation. Click on them and see which courses are being recommended for you.

We recommend taking these courses in the following order on all stages of entrepreneurship. Why? The following courses focus on developing your inner abilities and the right entrepreneurial mindset, which will help you to withstand all the challenges.

  1. 7 Success Factors of Female Entrepreneurs
  2. Boost Your Confidence in Any Situation
  3. Lead Like a Female Founder
  4. Rock Your Entrepreneurial Work-Life Balance

The following courses will help you formulate your idea, get inspired as well as understand which means of funding you would need to get started.

  1. Launch Now & Create Value For Your Customers with Lean Startup

    a. If you are interested in  social entrepreneurship, take this course on top: Make a Change with Your Social Business

    b.If you are interested in coaching, take this course on top: Turn Coaching into a Business

  2. Get Funding For Your Startup
Discover what is stopping you from achieving your money goals, how you can manage your personal and business finances. You can also discover which kinds of funding options would be right for you and how you can pitch your startups in front of investors or customers.
  1. Nail Your Entrepreneurial Finance
  2. Get Funding For Your Startup
  3. Pitch Like a Pro

Being a mom and running your startup could be especially challenging. You always feel guilty of not having enough time ether for your business, your family or yourself. To help you manage it and find the solutions, we recommend you to take the following courses, on top of the courses mentioned in the other sections.

  1. Make it as a  Mompreneur 
  2. Rock Your Entrepreneurial Work-Life Balance

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Have a look at all of the courses. Click through them, see the lessons,
the content and decide which courses are best for you currently.

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