Pitch Like a Pro

Uncover the secrets of successful pitching with this course! Receive clear guidelines on how to lay out your content, structure your pitch, assess problems, and leave a positive long-lasting impression. We will help you stand-out so that your business can grow and develop successfully!

Take this course to jumpstart your way to forming the perfect pitch! From making a powerful first impression when entering the room to presenting in a powerful and persuasive way – you will learn what tools, tips and techniques you can use. These will make you unforgettable! 

First, gain an understanding of what types of pitches are out there. Learn from our experts about how to make a successful elevator, sales, and investor presentation. Boost your confidence with practical exercises designed to make visible improvements to your public speaking. Additionally, learn how to stand out with tips from experts. They will go over effective storytelling, the power of silence, and the influence of body language. 

Good pitching skills are crucial for everyone. Now, with this course, you can unlock the secrets to it. You will learn how to get the most out of every contact opportunity, how to create powerful content, and how to deliver the most effective pitch. So, start your journey in developing the perfect pitch now! 

Course Speakers

Reema Singhal​

Marketing & Pitching Communications Specialist

Hoda Zekavat​

Self-concept & Pitch Coach, Speaker & Storyteller, Creator of the Know Yourself Know Power Programs

Emilie Normann​

Head of Research and Analysis at the Danish Foundation for Entrepreneurship

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Course Includes

  • 6 Lessons
  • 10 Topics
  • Course Certificate