Make a Change with Your Social Business

Ever dream of changing the world or making a difference? Take our powerful and practical lessons to learn what concrete steps you can take to lead change and create an alternative future for yourself and others through a social business!

Are you keen to discover your passion and path to change the world? This course will inspire you to find new ways to tackle the world’s most significant challenges so that you can become a successful entrepreneur of your own social business!

Our course features first-hand stories and advice from inspiring founders. They will explain how to develop and grow your innovative business. They will also offer their expertise on recognizing trends, positioning your business for early growth, and spreading your impact in a financially sustainable way. Learn what support networks you can utilize and how to navigate crowdfunding and donation platforms to kickstart your social impact. 

You’ll walk away from this course with the necessary building blocks to turn your passion into a viable business project! We will prepare you to put your social entrepreneurial venture on the path to success – make an impact now and for our future!

Course Speakers

Anne Reijns

Commercial Editor of Avegen, Digital & Female Healthcare Expert

Yvonne Otieno

Mentor, Founder of Constant Clarity

Andrea Babic

Founder of Sisu Socks

Carla Maria de Souza

Founder of Project Três

Julia Bruton

Co-Founder & CEO of the Sinnema Animation Studio

Antonia Bartning

Founder of Pitch Your Green Idea!

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Course Includes

  • 6 Lessons
  • 15 Topics
  • Course Certificate