15 Ways to Boost Your Confidence in Any Situation

Did you know that confidence is one of the core principles of success and happiness! Take this course to learn the principles to get more confident, so that you can improve your outlook on life and reach a higher level of self-acceptance. Super-charge your confidence and become 100% secure in who you are!

We all know that confidence is an important foundation for happiness, fulfilment and success. Have you ever suffered from negative thoughts, indecisiveness or social nervousness? This course will teach you to step away from these sentiments so that you can secure a new and powerfully confident mindset!

Our experts will explain topics like imposter syndrome and self-sabotage, as well as discuss the 15 ways you can make a real impact on improving your confidence. You will learn how to feel powerful and capable in your abilities which will help you break out of the psychological cages that you have built around yourself.

With the knowledge of our experts and a self-insight challenge at the end of the course, you will walk away from our lessons with brand new self-esteem and a long-lasting approach to life and work. Be prepared to break your habits and build real confidence!

Course Speakers

Cordula Böhm

Founder of TO THE CORE online coaching

Katherine Melton-Scott

Mentor, Founder of Constant Clarity

Steffi Jungbauer

Co-founder of Soul Rebel Coaching

Caroline-Lucie Ulbrich

Transformational Business Coach

Caroline-Lucie Ulbrich

Mariana Marinescu

Angela Huser

Talent Manager & Coach, Founder of Limitless

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Course Includes

  • 6 Lessons
  • 17 Topics
  • Course Certificate