Build Your Startup Brand from Scratch

Branding is what distinguishes you from your competitors! This course will show you what successful branding is and will prompt you to take step-by-step actions to start your own success story. Create or revitalise your brand with the help of our experts!

Your brand sets you apart from competitors, promotes recognition and represents your promise to your customers. With the help of our experts you will learn how to apply the tools you need in the development of your startup brand. They will share their expertise on topics such as brand strategy, brand story and brand building among other points.

The practical, example-driven approach offered in our lessons will guarantee your branding success! We will help you win customers by helping you define key drivers. We help your brand be outstanding in our digital world with example and an explanation of cultural branding!

You’ll walk away from this course with a new five step plan to set up and develop your startup brand, as well as having the understanding of how to maintain your brand in the age of social media!

Get ready for your startup brand to stand out!

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Course Includes

  • 9 Lessons
  • 6 Topics