7 Success Factors of Female Entrepreneurs

Want to know what it takes to succeed as an entrepreneur and define success on your own terms? Our experts share their wisdom with you on the seven most important success factors that will help you achieve your entrepreneurial goals. Develop your skills, determine how to overcome challenges and acquire the tools you need to become a successful female founder.

Take this course to discover the most important entrepreneurial success factors that will guide your personal and professional decisions. Develop your understanding of what it really takes to build a successful business. Our comprehensive seven-step guide will give you the confidence to harness your potential. Moreover, it will give you the ability to convert your energy into an entrepreneurial plan for success. Gain essential knowledge on how to activate and use your network, how to anticipate risk and overcome your fear of failure, how to set up your team, how to ensure financial support and much more. Finish the course with an exercise that gives you steps on how to define success on your own terms!

The insights you gain will help you guarantee entrepreneurial success and make you effective in your very own life and in your business ventures. Take this course to develop the skill and acquire the tools you need to ensure that you also become a successful female founder!

Course Speakers

Val Racheeva

Founder & CEO of Female Founder Space

Grace Rachmany

Serial Entrepreneur, Founder of DAO Leadership, ICO Consult

Andreia Fernandes

Serial Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker, Founder of SEABRAND & Sexy Little Bag

Sarah Lasso

Co-Founder of BlueBenu & Founder of The Valkyrie Endeavour

Ani Bagdasaryan

Founder of AYANI

Shoshana Lynn

Mindset & Purpose Coach

Barbara Droubay

Coach, Inspired Lecturer & Founder of Life Artists – Creators HUB

Ute Mercker

Venture Capital Professional & Investment Director at IBB Bet

Ester Liquori

Founder and CEO of Ghostwriter.AI

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Course Includes

  • 9 Lessons
  • 18 Topics
  • Course Certificate