Develop a Powerful Personal Brand

Your personal brand can help you achieve new milestones and reach fulfilling goals in your life and business. In this course you will learn how to utilize digital media to build networks, have an authentic influence and reach your professional goals with an effective personal brand!

In today’s digital age, having an authentic and unique online presence has never been more important. This course will help you develop a powerful personal brand so that you can empower yourself and others! Gain an understanding of the different tools and platforms you can use to create, enhance and share your personal brand. Our experts are going to discuss the tools they use to create a personal brand. And this will help you manage the way you are perceived online. You will be able to use online tools like LinkedIn to build your network and be able to effectively utilize social media platforms, Instagram and Facebook, to increase exposure for your personal brand. You will also complete an interactive assignment to help you to identify your unique traits. So that your personal brand stands out! 

This course is designed to empower you to positively impact you and your business by helping you create a successful personal brand!

Course Speakers

Angel Nijskens

Brand Strategist & Owner of Nijskens Branding Agency

Meryl Vedros

Founder of Vedros Studio & Branding Expert

Lena Carlson

Communications Consultant & Digital Expert

Katy Rea

Brand Strategist & Founder of Battalion

Beth James

Brand & Business Coach

Melinda Cange

Online Business Mentor & Soulful Marketing Coach

Not Enrolled

Course Includes

  • 6 Lessons
  • 17 Topics
  • Course Certificate