Launch Now & Create Value For Your Customers with Lean Startup

Maximise success and minimize risk for your dream startup with the Lean Startup approach. This methodology is currently shaping the entrepreneurship landscape and it focuses on three key principles: Business Model Canvas, Customer Development and Agile Development. Follow this course to gain a deep understanding of this methodology and how to put it into practice!

Discover the Lean Startup approach to build your dream startup quickly and efficiently. This course will make the development of your startup extremely less risky, more dynamic and eventually more fun.

Our experts will guide you through the concrete steps you need to take to apply this methodology. You will learn the three key principles: the Business Model Canvas, Customer Development and Agile Development. Develop your understanding of how to target and fulfil your customers’ needs, so that you can maximise your business success and minimize risk.

Follow this course to join the lean startup movement and build your successful business!


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Course Includes

  • 6 Lessons
  • 11 Topics