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We know that chasing your dreams can be tough at times, and that’s why our online resources provide you with the tools, skills, and motivation necessary to become the best possible version of yourself.

Get unstuck and progress faster towards your goals with online courses by entrepreneurs and experts who know how to make it work. Receive pure empowerment and inspiration from safe and supportive community of like-minded women on the same journey as yourself.

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As a member, you will have exclusive access to a series of in-depth online courses specifically designed for female founders like yourself. These courses are curated by industry experts and successful entrepreneurs and cover a variety of topics ranging from honing your leadership skills to mastering marketing strategies.
Our community is designed for women entrepreneurs who want to connect with like-minded individuals. We understand the unique challenges and triumphs of blazing your own path, which is why we provide opportunities for networking with diverse individuals who share similar ambitions. By fostering an environment where collaboration thrives, we help turn success into a tangible reality.
As a member of our exceptional network, you will have access to numerous opportunities to attend events that will not only enhance your professional life but also foster your personal growth. These events range from lively community gatherings where brilliant minds exchange ideas, to virtual coworking sessions that eliminate geographic boundaries and unite exceptional talents from around the world.

What sets us apart from other memberships is the opportunity to be matched with a fellow female founder who understands firsthand how lonely entrepreneurship can sometimes feel. This support system allows both parties involved to set goals together while holding each other accountable every step of the way. Imagine having someone beside you who not only empathizes but shares your dreams too – there truly is strength in numbers!

We are committed to helping each and every member of our community succeed. To achieve this, we will be offering personalized clarity calls on a regular basis. Our team is dedicated to providing guidance and support whenever you need it, whether it’s to help you overcome obstacles or to offer words of encouragement.
Our membership offers you a wide range of valuable resources, including templates, worksheets, and masterclass videos created by industry experts. These resources are incredibly useful and will help you save time and effort while streamlining your business operations.
As motivation is crucial throughout this demanding process, we ensure ongoing doses of inspiration are delivered directly to your inbox.

Our Members

Explore the inspirational journeys of our members. Get ready to be inspired by these fearless female entrepreneurs who have defied conventions, shattered glass ceilings, and transformed challenges into stepping stones toward success.

Featured Members

Business woman in Iran: Pardis Rostamzadeh

Building a business from scratch in a country that has been exhausted by sanctions for over 40 years is already an outstanding achievement. Being a woman in an extremely patriarchal society and founding a successful company in a male-dominated field – is beyond any regular praise. In this article, Pardis Rostamzadeh will give us an insight into how it is like to be a female entrepreneur in modern Iran.

Featured Members

Supporting African Entrepreneurs: Eunice Nyandat, Founder of MBM Africa

Entrepreneurship isn’t always an easy path. You will face many challenges and obstacles along the way. Especially for minority founders, not having access to a wide network and/or resources can be a problem. In this continuously growing world of entrepreneurship, MBM Africa aims to bridge this gap.

Featured Members

The Inspiring Journey of Nadja Raabe: From a Dancer to an Entrepreneur

Nadja Raabe is the founder and Managing Director of FindQ, a mother of two, a female entrepreneur, a former dancer, a choreographer and a teacher. She is a woman who can dig up the most fascinating stories about her life, her travels and the inspirational women that she met along her way.

Success Stories

Explore the inspiring stories of women who have joined our community, embarking on their entrepreneurial journeys and successfully launching their own businesses.

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Investment in oneself is the most powerful decision anyone can make. With just €0.63 a day – a small sacrifice compared to what you spend on those daily coffees – you can embark on an extraordinary journey of self-improvement and growth. By becoming a member, you are choosing to enhance your skills, broaden your network, amplify your productivity and motivation levels. You deserve this chance to thrive; to create a business that aligns perfectly with your needs.
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Collaborate with us and let’s ignite a movement of change together. We believe that unity is the key to transforming the world we live in, and we’re calling on you to join our collective effort to empower female entrepreneurs. Through collaboration, we can harness our strengths and create an unstoppable force for good. Countless collaboration avenues are waiting for your participation.

  • Share your insights by publishing an article on a topic that resonates with you.
  • Spotlight your journey and get featured as a source of inspiration.
  • Take the stage as a speaker at our impactful events.

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  • Elevate your team with our talks or workshops.
  • Support your female team members by purchasing memberships or donate it to women in need
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We’re here to help you navigate with clear and concise answers.

Our membership is packed with valuable resources designed to empower your personal and professional growth. Here’s what you can expect:

  1. Comprehensive Learning Platform:
  • Gain access to 18 in-depth online courses covering personal development and essential business skills.
  • Immerse yourself in 250 professional videos and podcasts that provide expert insights.
  • Reinforce your learning with 50 worksheets, quizzes, and additional articles.

2. Engaging Online Community:

  • Connect with like-minded individuals in our vibrant online community space.
  • Explore the members’ directory, fostering networking opportunities.
  • Participate in skill-sharing, lively messaging, and discussion groups.

3. Guidance and Onboarding:

  • Navigate our platform seamlessly with onboarding materials tailored to help you set meaningful learning goals.
  • Benefit from onboarding calls to ensure you make the most of your membership.

4. Free Access to Events:

  • Enjoy complimentary attendance to all our online and offline events, including community networking, virtual coworking sessions, and pitching events.

5. Female Founder Fellowship:

  • Connect with another female founder through our matching program.
  • Cultivate a supportive partnership to share experiences, overcome challenges, and achieve mutual growth.

6. Schedule Clarity Calls:

  • When you encounter roadblocks, schedule clarity calls with our team.
  • Receive valuable insights and ideas to overcome obstacles and keep your progress on track.

7. Rich Digital Resources:

  • Access a treasure trove of digital resources, including templates, worksheets, and masterclass replays conducted by industry experts.

8. Weekly Inspiration and Motivation:

  • Elevate your inbox with a weekly dose of inspiration and motivation.
  • Receive practical tips to fuel your ongoing journey of growth.

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Discover if our membership is the perfect match for you with our 7-day trial period. Sign up today and experience all the benefits without any risk or commitment.

Here’s a deeper dive into who can benefit.

This membership is for you if:

You don’t have a specific business idea yet (or maybe you have too many of them), but…

  • You feel unfulfilled in your 9 to 5 job and crave the exploration of entrepreneurship.
  • You’re seeking inspiration and want to witness how others turned their ideas into reality.
  • You’re eager to discover which potential ideas align with your passions and skills.

You have a business idea, but…

  • You fear it won’t work, and you need guidance to navigate uncertainties.
  • Motivation is lacking, and you’re looking for a supportive community to reignite your drive.
  • Experience is a concern, and you want to bridge the knowledge gap.
  • You’re unsure where to start and need a roadmap to turn your idea into a successful venture.

You are already working on your business, but…

  • You feel isolated because those around you don’t share the entrepreneurial journey.
  • Motivation has waned, and you’re grappling with productivity amidst numerous business challenges.
  • You’re at a roadblock and struggling to make the breakthrough needed for success.

Whether you’re in the exploration phase, battling self-doubt, or seeking a supportive community to navigate the challenges of entrepreneurship, our membership is designed to provide the resources, inspiration, and connections you need to thrive.

Try our 7-day trial period to experience it for yourself!

Our membership offers flexibility to suit your preferences. You can choose between two billing plans:

Monthly Billing Plan:

  • $21 per month

Annual Billing Plan:

  • $221 per year

Please note that these prices are exclusive of VAT.

Select the plan that aligns with your needs, whether you prefer the convenience of monthly billing or the cost-effective annual plan. We strive to provide affordable options to ensure that our valuable resources and community support are accessible to all.

Our cancellation policy is designed to be straightforward and user-friendly. Depending on your subscription plan, whether billed monthly or annually, your cancellation becomes effective at the conclusion of the current billing cycle.

If you wish to cancel during the 7-day trial period or simply cancel your membership follow these simple steps:

  • Navigate to your profile dropdown menu or dashboard.
  • Select the “Membership” option.
    Choose “Update Billing Info” and then select “Cancel.”
  • Alternatively, you can send us an email at hello(@) with your cancellation request.

We believe in providing our members with the flexibility to manage their subscriptions seamlessly. Should you decide to discontinue your membership, we want the process to be as convenient as possible. If you have any questions or need assistance, feel free to reach out to us at hello(@)

At present, we offer the convenience of payment through credit cards. Our accepted card types include Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover. Rest assured, we are actively working on expanding our payment options to introduce additional systems, providing you with even more flexibility in choosing how you pay. Stay tuned for updates as we strive to enhance your experience with a variety of payment methods to suit your preferences.

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