Power Desk Stretches for Online Entrepreneurs with Mallory Hopes

Mallory Hope Schwartz, originally from Richmond, Virginia, graduated with Honors from the University of South Carolina before taking her talents to Los Angeles. Mallory grew up dancing and molded her love of performing into her passion for fitness. She has been teaching group fitness classes for almost 15 years. While in Los Angeles she focused her teaching on barre fitness, yoga, and pilates. She moved to Israel after spending 5 years in Atlanta, Georgia where she not only pursued her fitness career but owned a Nutritional Planning Company – personal and customisable meal prep for families and couples. Since moving to Israel she has been teaching at boutique studios as well as cooking up healthy recipes on her instagram. Read about some amazing desk stretches she recommends for keeping fit while working long hours on your laptop. 

Enthusiastic. Positive. Sensitive. 

What inspired you to create your own fitness and wellness coaching?

I grew up dancing and always felt happiest ‘on stage’ or moving my body.. and realized after many failed attempts at ‘corporate life’ that I would never be fulfilled at a desk all day. I have used the amazing skills I learned from previous corporate jobs (event marketing) to build my passion project. Sharing my love for health living… I started by learning how to meal prep for myself and turned it into a business. And my love for dance and choreography into a fitness career. A dream come true to create a world I can thrive and succeed in. My own path and journey in order to love what I do every day. 

Can you describe Mallory Hopes in three words? Why those three words?

Enthusiastic. Positive. Sensitive. I’m always eager to share my energy with others. I hope to always share a smile even on the tough days with those around me and myself. I cry – a lot, from watching sad commercials, or calling home, or just being overly tired. I feel most connected to feelings so if that makes me sensitive so be it. Being sensitive has also helped me find empathy for others and their challenges. 

What is the most important advice you would give for a healthy work-life balance? Why?

Schedule. Find a schedule you like. Not one that works for anyone else but YOU. Don’t like mornings? Don’t sign up for 6am workouts. Need to ‘start’ a workout routine? Don’t jump into a marathon. Try as many styles, times, ‘flavors’ until you find what works best for you: your time, your energy, your workout ‘mood’. Just like finding the right partner! Work desk stretches into your routine until they become a habit.

What is one piece of information you can share about healthy eating for entrepreneurs who travel a lot?

Plan Ahead: Snacks on the go (not all packaged items) Apples, Nuts, Hard boiled eggs. Reusable water bottle: More likely to refill it and keep it close by. Set a bed time: hardest part of work travel is turning off the phone, tv, or your mind… so set a bedtime and stick to it. Find a night time routine to calm down: essential oils, stretching, breath work.

I hope to always share a smile even on the tough days with those around me and myself.

Why is it important to exercise regularly when working mostly at your desk?

Moving our body increases productivity in the rest of our life. Desk stretches are key for this. We get ‘locked’ in our muscles and joints which enables our mind from being as productive as it can be. It’s not just for the body but peace of mind… I hate when people say “I can’t take a break”. It’s super important to acknowledge how you feel and how you are caring for your body. Then learn how to ‘break’ and refuel. Stretches, snacks, a walk outside, turning off your phone for 30 minutes, just as a few examples. 

If you want a personal take on Mallory’s life take a look at her Instagram. Mallory loves sharing her excitement for a balanced, healthy lifestyle online and with her community. Even during these scary times, she focuses on positive energy and helping others find motivation.

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