How to Stay Focused while Taking an Online Course?

How to stay focused while taking an online course?

Starting your own business as a female founder is not an easy thing to do, especially when at the beginning you have to navigate most of the things yourself. Taking an online course on top of that could feel overwhelming. However, remember through investing your time in your personal development and entrepreneurial education, you can reach your goals faster. Your business can only grow as fast as you grow yourself.

However, it is easy to get distracted by technology or your daily to-do’s list. For example, you might lose focus and start doing something that feels more urgent. At the end of the day, it might turn out that you do not manage your e-learning goals and even get stuck for a month or longer.

The best online learners know how to set aside time to focus. This includes, for example, turning e-learning into a habit and avoiding all distractions, such as surfing the internet. To help you succeed with your online learning we put together these seven tips so you can stay ahead with your online course work.

1. Set up Short Term & Long Term Goals

In the beginning of each month you can settle a goal you would like to reach. And then for each week, settle small steps that you want to achieve until the end of the respective week.
How to stay focused while taking an online course?

It is essential to have weekly and monthly goals while taking an online course to keep your motivation up.

Write in your agenda the exact things you want to achieve and try to stick to the plan. At the end of the week, you will have the satisfaction that you have done something. If the task is too complex, you can split it into small tasks and schedule them.

2. Don’t Multitask while Taking an Online Course!

Avoid multitasking! When you want to do more at the same time, it is actually decreasing your productivity. Focus on one task at a time when you want to take an online course.  Arrange your tasks in order of importance. Pay attention to the three or four crucial tasks that require the most effort.

If you need help staying focused, then consider creating lists using a project management tool, such as Trello.
stay focused. Don’t multitask while taking a course!
If you prefer a traditional to-do list, then stick notes on your walls. In the moment the task is done you can throw the note. Concentrate on what needs to get done in the present. Avoid anything too far-off!

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3. Set up Your Virtual Office for the Online Course!

Be productive

Whether you study at home or in a different place, it is important to work in the optimal setting needed to complete your work.

Make sure your home office gives you the full productivity to fulfil your online course goals. There are some crucial things to create your virtual office the right place for studying, such as high-speed internet, the right lighting, sound, and background. Sit in a comfortable chair, and make sure you feel good and motivated to study.
Along with these elements, you should have all the required materials, such as a notebook specifically dedicated to your online learning. Set up as much as you can ahead of time to stay on task with your online courses.

4. Block out Distractions while Talking an Online Course!

The worst distraction when you try to take an online course, most of the time, is our phone. Try to put it far away from you, in a place where you cannot see it. You can also put it on airplane mode for a few hours. Just check it when you take a longer break.
Then, make sure to avoid surfing the web excessively. It is easy to become distracted by the news or other things on your laptop. Stay focused, and avoid Instagram, Facebook, and other social media tools when you need to concentrate on your tasks. There are several apps (e.g. Freedom or LeechBlock) that might help you to block social media while you are working on the computer.
Social media
If you are using headphones while working on your online course, you might want to invest in the ones with noise cancelling for not being distracted by others.

5. Take Breaks during an Online Course!

If you are struggling to stay focused, then consider taking breaks from time to time. Try to work for the online course uninterrupted for 40 or 45 mins. Then take a break for 5 to 10 mins. During this time, you can grab a coffee, check your emails or phone or do some thing else.
Breaks are important

In case you think you need a reminder to go back to the online course, set an alarm to control the length of your breaks. Once you have completed two or three work sessions, treat yourself with a longer break. Perhaps the lunch one, that can be around 1h or 1h 30 mins.

However, for some people, 45 mins might be too long to stay concentrated. In this situation, you can use the Pomodoro technique. You can work in sessions for 25 mins in length, then take a short break.
Repeat these sessions for three or four times before taking a longer break.

6. Reward Yourself!

It is important to reward yourself after an online course well done in order to avoid burnout. Otherwise, it will be difficult to concentrate on even the simplest tasks.

You can reward yourself with small things such as something sweet (chocolate/fruits) or go outside to get some fresh air (open the window). Or by celebrating your accomplishments and treating yourself with something you truly enjoy.
How to stay focused while taking an online course?
Whether that is watching your favourite show on Netflix, reading a good book before going to bed, or going out to a nice dinner at the end of the week. If you have been taking a course for several months in a row, then take a week off when you are finished.

7. Get a Good Night’s Sleep!

Sleep is essential to rest your body and keep your mind fresh for the next day.
Sleep well
To keep your head fresh and staying more focused all day get at least seven to nine hours of sleep each day. Staying up all night to complete an online course or to finish a task will not help your productivity in the next few days. Include sleep in your schedule, and you can gather huge rewards. In case you have tough times falling asleep because if all a thousand thoughts going through your head, you may take a relaxing bath with lavender essential oil, set up a soft light in your room, have some herbal tea and read a book.

Now you need to stay focused and do not get distracted for the min. of 1,5h (at least 3 hours a week). It is not easy to meet your online course goals. However, once you have and turned it into a habit , you will have a good feeling that you have done something for yourself and your business.

Try to plan every step you want to accomplish in a week. Do not postpone the tasks for the next few days. The motivation has to come from your inside. However, with good time management you will be able to achieve your online course goals and be closer to your dream.

Stay Focused to Meet Your Online Course Goals!

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