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Femtech: 9 Empowering Female Founded Startups for Women Health

Women are changing the playing field more than ever, so much that they have given rise over the last few years to Femtech, or also known as Female technology. It is a term that applies to a category of software, diagnostics, products, and services which use technology often to focus on women’s health. This sector includes fertility solutions, period-tracking apps, pregnancy and nursing care. It also includes women’s sexual wellness and reproductive system of health care. Ida Tin, the founder of the infamous menstruation-tracking app Clue, coined the term “Femtech.” She even speaks at the opening of Female Founder Space in 2014.

Why FemTech?

For decades, most products in the market that cater to women’s health have largely been designed and sold by men. For example, in the case of car-crash testing with dummies,  most dolls used in testing would represent the male population. Thus, giving little representation to protect everyone equally in real accidents. Now, in the wake of a new era, women are increasingly driving influence these days. This is especially true for millennial women unconventionally bringing up personal subject matters in boardroom meetings. Thus, addressing historically unmet, under-served needs.

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Even more, what better way to understand such ‘feminine’ products and its target customers? Then to have it designed by the actual end-user herself? As a result, many female entrepreneurs are turning their personal pains (and groins) into vital business ideas. 

Here we gathered the list of the most promising and inspiring startups in FemTech – made by women, for women.

Female Reproductive Health Care FemTech's

Jenn Kim and Brett Martin both co-founded Food Period, which designs function food products that support women’s menstrual cycles by providing a subscription-based service that helps women use natural food products to support their periods, starting with the commercialization of the seed syncing practice. Their mission is to make natural solutions for hormonal health challenges more easily accessible to women. In addition, they provide practical tips on their blog and social media pertaining to women’s health, such as how to reduce stress during your period and how to make your own hand sanitizer! 

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Dubbed as “period undies,” this line of innovative women underwear feels and looks like regular underwear. But it actually combines technology that integrates ‘4 tampons’ worth into its design.  Thinkx, founded by a group of women, serves the feminine hygiene market with break-through fashion made for menstruation control. Seriously, it’s a great time to be alive!

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All about breaking taboos and making your periods a cool topic of conversations, Anni and Sinja are two female founders. Together, they have established an organic cotton-tampon company. No chemicals, no pesticides. Furthermore,  female period-products used to be taxed at 19% VAT. The Female Company is prominent for their participating in a petition in Germany that helped to push the law through so that menstruation products are now at  7%  taxed from 2020 onward. And for every subscription, a woman in India receives a washable cloth bandage. Vaginal blood have never been sexier around the world.

Motherhood FemTech's

Motherhood has never been more empowering and accessible. Carrot company services offer inclusive, high-quality fertility benefits for modern companies to support their employees. It is held up by a global team of experts and clinicians. Services can include assistance in finding donors and third-party reproduction, fertility planning and care, as well as adoption.

Femtech 9 Empowering Startups for Women Health

Medolac Laboratories integrates technology and breast milk by offering the first ready to feed sterile, shelf stable human milk. It is shipped and stored at room temperature. The unique business helps to achieve the goal of feeding the world’s 15 million preterm infants born each year. All the while, it is disrupting the milk banking business. Regardless of economic status, human milk should be available to all child in need.

Femtech 9 Empowering Startups for Women Health

With our basic biological right to reproduce, why has healthcare been so confusing and hard to access for must humans? An all-in-one app, Maven clinic comes to the rescue. It offers virtual, on-demand services for women and couples through a personalized platform. As well as healthcare plans for every house clan and employer. From advising same-sex couples to adoption to surrogacy, Maven takes advantage of these digital, modern times. They make family health the way it should be – low priced, diverse in staffing, 24/7 support. 

Sexual Wellness FemTech's

Founded by an American entrepreneur, Whitney Wolf. She drew on the philosophy of breaking out of the old fashion norms and giving women more control of their lives. Bumble is a social networking app and when matching occurs with an opposite sex, women need to initiate the conversation. Call it more work, or call it equality. 

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Female founder Adela Stoulilova believe every women should be inspired to explore themselves, let alone nurture the relationship with who they are, before any one else. Onna is a designer brand for sexual toys sophisticatedly crafted in fulfilling women’s sexual needs. Beyond that, they blog beautiful and helpful journal articles related to life’s toughest questions, such as locating your g-spot. 

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Relish, an app found by CEO Lesley Eccles, answers the desire of every women to maintain a healthy relationship. Through customized weekly lessons or couple-related activities through the app, coaching by a real couple expert, some readily-available services, and scientifically-backed, there was less need for couple counseling! After all, it is the management of relationships  outside of work that steers our progress on the job. This leads us to an ultimate satisfying well-being. 

This was a compilation of only a few of the greatest Femtech businesses out there. With our ever-changing societies, progress is truly in almost every realm and certainly for women’s rights. It’s just really gratifying to not have to reuse a washcloth now. 

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