Entrepreneur Miriam Bossok: Innovating Snacks with No Sweets

Female Entrepreneur Miriam Bossok Innovating Snacks with No Sweets

Entrepreneur and co-founder of “No Sweets”, Miriam Bossok, shares her journey in creating a successful healthy snack business, offering innovative vegan and gluten-free treats, and advice for aspiring entrepreneurs. In this exclusive interview, we had the pleasure of speaking directly to her about the insights behind the creation of their healthy alternative sweet snacks. Discover the inspiration, their unique approach, and the delightful taste experiences they offer.

What inspired you and your co-founder Lena as entrepreneurs to start “No Sweets” and focus on providing a healthy alternative to traditional sweets?

I have owned my own catering company for five years, and I’ve always been a foodie. Lena and I both pursued degrees in nutrition, which gave us a deep understanding of the unhealthy aspects of traditional sweet snacks. However, we also believe in the importance of enjoyment and not feeling restricted. Lena is gluten-free, and I follow a plant-based diet due to lactose intolerance and environmental considerations. We wanted to create an alternative sweet snack for people with intolerances, while still providing a satisfying taste experience

If Lena didn’t have dietary restrictions, would you still be doing this?

Absolutely. Our goal was to create snacks that are accessible to everyone. We prioritize using the best ingredients that we would personally choose for our own snacks or in my catering kitchen. It’s not about being gluten-free or vegan; it’s about using high-quality ingredients that bring out the best flavors and cater to a wider audience.

How do you differentiate “No Sweets” from typical vegan or gluten-free snacks?

We wanted to break away from the typical taste profile associated with vegan or gluten-free snacks. Our snacks are designed to taste delicious for everyone, regardless of their dietary preferences. While our products are vegan and gluten-free, we focus on delivering a taste experience that transcends those labels.

How would you describe the taste experience of “No Sweets” products?

We currently offer three flavors: peanut cacao, hazelnut brownie, and raspberry coco. The peanut cacao is an alternative to Snickers and Co, with its rich combination of peanuts, cacao, and a touch of sea salt. The hazelnut brownie offers a creamy and slightly less sweet taste, perfect for those who enjoy the nutty and chocolatey flavors of a brownie. Lastly, the raspberry coco provides a delightful contrast with its fruity and crispy notes, complemented by freeze-dried raspberries and a white-covered white chocolate.

What are some key features of your snacks that set them apart from other well-known

Our snacks stand out because we prioritize using the best ingredients, avoiding cheap alternatives like oats. We want our products to deliver exceptional taste and satisfaction. Additionally, we offer healthier alternatives to popular snacks, ensuring our treats are made with natural sweetness from dates and include carefully selected ingredients to create a delightful snacking experience.

As an entrepreneur how did you go about identifying and understanding your target market for “No Sweets”? How did you conduct market research?

Initially, I had the idea myself, and Lena, my co-founder, joined a year later. We received valuable feedback through my catering company’s brunch boxes, where we included tastings of our bars. We also conducted Google forms and organized testing ​sessions with various individuals. Additionally, I participated in a one-year program in Munich
alongside other founders, which allowed us to test and refine our product. We documented every feedback we received, which played a significant role in our product development. When we decided to work with a production company, we went through the final recipe creation process, adapting to the challenges of scaling up production.

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For the decision-making process, are you still in charge of selecting the ingredients and
choosing the flavors?

Absolutely. I take charge of selecting the ingredients and ensuring they meet our criteria. While cost is a challenge, we prioritize transparency and taste. We avoid using ingredients that don’t contribute to the overall taste experience. For example, we prioritize organic nuts that enhance the flavor of our products. We are currently searching for another producer who can help us maintain our quality while allowing us to have a margin for sustainable financing.

What criteria do you consider when selecting ingredients? Are they organic?

Yes, our ingredients are organic. Taste plays a crucial role in our ingredient selection. We are particular about the quality of nuts, as they greatly impact the overall taste. Additionally, our chocolate covers are sourced from a producer who specializes in high- quality chocolate, ensuring an exceptional taste experience. While cost is a challenge, we remain committed to using ingredients that contribute to the overall flavor and not compromising on taste.

In terms of the decision-making process, would you prioritize finding another source
rather than cutting costs on ingredients?

Absolutely. Our focus is on maintaining the taste, quality, and transparency of our ingredients. While we initially believed producing locally in Germany was crucial, we have learned from being in the market and conducting our crowdfunding campaign that taste, story, and cost are more essential to our customers than the place of production.

Prior to No Sweets, did you have any prior experience with entrepreneurship or business classes?

My first entrepreneurial experience was with my catering company, which I started right after completing my A-levels. I pursued online studies in business administration to further develop my skills. Being self-employed from a young age taught me valuable lessons in various aspects of running a business, such as finances, business plan writing, customer calls, and communication with foreign individuals. No Sweets is my second entrepreneurial venture, and I wanted to expand beyond the local focus of my catering business and create a company that could grow on a larger scale.

What do you consider as the biggest challenge you have faced with No Sweets while being an entrepreneur?

Finding a producer who can meet our criteria of being vegan, gluten-free, free of refined sugar, and made in Germany was a significant challenge. It took us a long time to find one, and although we have a current producer, they are expensive and limit our margin for growth. We aim to be exclusive yet affordable, and accessible to a wide range of customers, including students. We are actively searching for a producer who can offer more cost-effective solutions while maintaining the quality of our ingredients.

Setting goals is crucial. You need to have a clear vision of where you want to be in one, five, and ten years.

What other advice would you have for aspiring entrepreneurs?

Setting goals is crucial. You need to have a clear vision of where you want to be in one, five, and ten years. It’s also important to identify your strengths and weaknesses. Finding a co-founder who complements your skills and shares your passion is highly beneficial. Starting with a team of at least two individuals can alleviate the overwhelming nature of entrepreneurship. Collaboration with like-minded people in your area is also valuable. Spread the word and start within your local community. People appreciate supporting small startups and it can generate a loyal fan base. 

Are there any specific success stories or customer feedback that stand out to you since the beginning?

We are always thrilled when we receive positive feedback from customers. Whether it’s through influencers or personal messages expressing excitement and a desire to purchase more, it brings us immense joy. Recently, we were listed in a local wood shop, and to our surprise, a quarter of our products were sold within a few days. These types of success stories and customer feedback keep us motivated and happy. It’s not just one particular feedback but the combination of all these positive experiences that fuels our passion for No Sweets.

What are your future plans and aspirations for No Sweets?

Our future plans involve building a small team and growing gradually. We want to maintain a focus on our strengths and become a modern lifestyle company with a strong emphasis on design, high-quality ingredients, and great taste. Our goal is not to be categorized as a ‘healthy’ vegan sweets company, but rather as a fancy and alternative option to standard sweets. In the long term, we aim to be listed in exclusive shops, bookstores, yoga studios, and other selective points of sale. We also want to continue expanding our online store and collaborating with other vegan online stores. Events are also on our radar, and we hope to combine them with our catering company to create engaging experiences for our customers

In conclusion, Miriam shared her advice for aspiring entrepreneurs, emphasizing the importance of setting goals, finding the right co-founder, and networking with like-minded individuals. She highlighted the satisfaction they derive from positive customer feedback and success stories, fueling their motivation to grow No Sweets. Miriam also expressed their vision of being a unique and modern lifestyle brand, focusing on quality ingredients, taste, and design. Their future plans include building a small team, selecting exclusive points of sale, and expanding their online presence. With a passion for food, veganism, and entrepreneurship, they aim to inspire others to pursue their own business ventures.

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