Empowering Dreams: The Journey of Female Founder Space and Founder Val Racheeva

In the vibrant city of Berlin, amidst the bustling startup scene, Val embarked on a personal quest for fulfillment and purpose. After bidding farewell to an unfulfilling job, she sought to uncover a career that not only ignited her passion but also made a positive impact on people’s lives.
As Val Racheva immersed herself in the world of startups, attending entrepreneurship events, she couldn’t help but notice a stark imbalance in the room. A trailblazer among a few women, Val Racheva observed a reservoir of untapped brilliance in her female counterparts. Despite harboring groundbreaking startup ideas, these women faced a common hurdle – the lack of a supportive environment.
Determined to break this barrier, Val Racheva took matters into her own hands. She began organizing meetings where aspiring women entrepreneurs share their ideas, support each other, find co-founders, and learn from female role models. As word spread and more women joined these empowering sessions, the vision of Female Founder Space crystallized in 2014. Female Founder Space became the beacon for women seeking not only a space to collaborate but also a community to nurture their entrepreneurial aspirations.
Val Racheeva, fueled by her experience, skills, vision, values, and leadership, identified an opportune moment to align these elements for positive change. Female Founder Space was not just a platform; it was a movement. Since then, Female Founder Space has organized over 300 events, including workshops, webinars, networking, and co-working days in 13 European cities across 9 countries. More than 15000 women have attended these events and workshops, inspiring many to start their entrepreneurial careers.

For many, Female Founder Space became the catalyst for a new chapter in their entrepreneurial journey. It wasn’t just about business; it was about forging connections, breaking barriers, and turning dreams into reality. Female Founder Space stands as a testament to Val’s unwavering commitment to fostering an environment where women can thrive, lead, and leave an indelible mark on the entrepreneurial landscape.

Today, we posed crucial questions, the answers to which are integral in unraveling the complete narrative.

Why did you start Female Founder Space?

 My journey with Female Founder Space began with a deep-seated desire to make a positive impact on the world. Witnessing a disproportionately low number of women translating their exceptional ideas and skills into startups, I felt a calling to address the gender disparities that persisted. Having grown up aware of the inequalities in our society, I personally experienced workplace imbalances during my corporate tenure – facing wage discrepancies with equally qualified male colleagues. This fueled my passion to contribute to narrowing the inequality gap.

Further, recognizing the ongoing need for robust support for female entrepreneurs, coupled with my skills and experience, propelled me to take action. It became clear that creating something new was pivotal for change, not merely fighting against the old norms. FSpace emerged as a platform to not only support female entrepreneurs but to lead by example, becoming a catalyst for transformative change in the entrepreneurial landscape.

Having grown up aware of the inequalities in our society, I personally experienced workplace imbalances during my corporate tenure

What continues to drive the necessity for women to have community networks with other women?

The need for women to have community networks with other women persists for several reasons. Firstly, these networks provide a safe space for shared experiences, fostering a sense of understanding and solidarity. Secondly, women often encounter unique challenges in various spheres, and having a supportive community offers valuable insights, advice, and encouragement. Additionally, such networks serve as platforms for skill-sharing, mentorship, and the exchange of resources, empowering women to navigate and overcome professional and personal obstacles. Lastly, the strength derived from these connections contributes to breaking down societal barriers, promoting equality, and paving the way for collective empowerment.

What makes providing women with entrepreneurial training essential and impactful?

Providing women with entrepreneurial training is essential for various reasons. Firstly, it equips women with the knowledge, skills, and confidence required to succeed in the competitive business world. Entrepreneurial training acts as a catalyst for economic empowerment, enabling women to establish and run successful ventures independently. Moreover, such training addresses historical inequalities and empowers women to overcome obstacles they may face in accessing resources and opportunities. By promoting a culture of entrepreneurship among women, we contribute to a more diverse and inclusive business ecosystem, driving innovation and economic growth. Ultimately, providing entrepreneurial training to women is not only an investment in their success but also a strategic move towards building a more equitable and flourishing society.

What sets your training apart from other programs?

Our training program distinguishes itself by recognizing the unique challenges women encounter in entrepreneurship. Due to societal upbringing, women often face sociopsychological challenges alongside the need for business skills. Therefore, our program goes beyond imparting traditional business education and places a strong emphasis on holistic development. We delve into personal growth, nurture leadership skills, and foster an entrepreneurial mindset. This multifaceted approach ensures that women not only gain the necessary business acumen but also develop the resilience, confidence, and strategic thinking essential for overcoming societal barriers and thriving in the entrepreneurial realm.

What were the most significant challenges encountered during the establishment of the Female Founder Space?

Building Female Founder Space presented challenges familiar to many entrepreneurs launching a startup. The initial hurdle involved finding the right co-founder, and after my co-founder’s departure within the first year, navigating the subsequent years solo posed its own set of difficulties. Making pivotal decisions independently was often daunting. The second challenge revolved around funding, as social businesses often struggle to attract investment. Crafting sustainable business models for Female Founder Space became the third challenge, aiming for self-sufficiency. Lastly, balancing family and business responsibilities added another layer of complexity, especially with the arrival of two children. Despite efforts to share parenting responsibilities equally, the constant juggle created immense pressure and a constant feeling of guilt, underscoring the challenge of maintaining an equilibrium between family, business, and personal well-being.

What vision do you hold for the future of Female Founder Space?

Our vision for the future is dynamic and ambitious. By 2030, we aspire to empower 30,000 women to embark on their entrepreneurial journeys. To achieve this, we envision the expansion of our team, enhancing our capacity to manage more initiatives and create a more significant impact. Additionally, we aim to broaden our offerings, introducing a range of online training programs and intensifying our support through comprehensive programs tailored for aspiring female founders. Our commitment lies in fostering a thriving community where women can not only succeed but inspire transformative change in the entrepreneurial landscape.

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What fuels your ability to navigate the challenges and find the energy to manage all these responsibilities?

My reservoir of energy springs from being an optimistic dreamer, firmly believing in the potential of individuals and envisioning a future where equality and conscious awareness prevail in our society. Growing up, I cultivated a robust resilience against adversities, providing an inner strength that sustains me through tough days filled with self-doubt and setbacks. This unwavering belief and inner resilience serve as my guiding light, infusing me with the energy to overcome challenges and find renewed strength even on the most challenging days.

I firmly believe in the potential of individuals and envision a future where equality and conscious awareness prevail in our society

What drives and inspires your motivation?

My motivation draws from a threefold perspective. Firstly, I firmly believe that personal change is the catalyst for broader transformations in our surroundings. Secondly, failures, far from setbacks, are invaluable lessons that fuel personal growth. They serve as stepping stones, propelling me forward. Lastly, I embrace the philosophy that it’s preferable to regret attempting something passionately, even if it doesn’t succeed than to regret not pursuing a genuine desire. These motivations collectively guide my journey, instilling resilience and a continuous drive for positive change.
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