Successful Female Founders in 2019

Successful Female Founders in 2019

2019 is vigorously coming to an end, but the immense result in female entrepreneurship the passing year has brought we all should acknowledge and loudly celebrate. 42% of all enterprises are kicked off by female founders in the US. Moreover, businesswomen employ 9.4 million workers and generate revenue of $1.9tn. Women started 1,817 businesses a day in the past year. Slowly we are getting to the point where women will contribute equally to the business world. On this occasion, our article will pay tribute to female founders who changed the game in 2019. Let’s get it started!

Sweet Loren's by Loren Brill

Successful Female Founders in 2019

After battling with cancer at a very young age, Loren decided to enjoy her life unapologetically fulfilling. She completely changed her diet, cut off processed foods full of sugar. But the struggle was real! Once savoring supermarket sweets, the female founder couldn’t find alternatives with healthy product composition. So, she decided to create her natural cookies and brownies. Today its gluten and nuts free cookie dough is number 1 product and spread in 10,000 stores in the country. The revenue of this female entrepreneurship has increased to $6.4M and showed 3,026% in a three-year growth.

NOM (Not Ordinary Media) by Loren Rochelle and Brent Neill

When social media and YouTube were growing fast, ads companies became more involved in promoting brands on platforms. However, new ways of targeting brands were unclear at the beginning. It was hard to track the disposition of ads and consequent interactions on the viewers’ side. When a female founder realized that companies couldn’t provide effective advertisements, Loren and her co-worker decided to start their agency. Not only they developed campaign-tracking software for clients, but new agency enabled customers to micro-target their campaigns transparently.

Successful Female Founders in 2019

NOM was born with only $4,000 in startup cash, and by 2019 it became one of the fast-growing companies in the US.

Seedstars World by Alisée de Tonnac

Successful Female Founders in 2019

After spending one year of traveling the world, Alisée noticed the wide unfulfilled economic potential in emerging markets. When a female founder came back home, to Switzerland, she dedicated a good minute to creating an investment company. Now Seedstars World curates deal flows in more than 75 emerging markets. The company offers 3 different invest packages to develop economic stability in vulnerable markets. Her main goal is to increase competition in more than 100 cities, and she is getting there!

Bloomer Tech by Alicia Chong Rodriguez, Aceil Halaby, and Monica Abarca

Sometimes you wonder are there any technological advances that solely contribute to women’s health? Bloomer Tech is one of them. 3 courageous and tech-savvy female founders came up with a bra that can measure your pulse. Seamlessly embedded tech in an undergarment reads metrics such as the electrocardiogram, respiratory rate, and heart rhythm. Such blooming startup is only gaining momentum in 2019, but surely serves a bright example of female entrepreneurship by Alicia Chong Rodriguez, Aceil Halaby, and Monica Abarca.

Successful Female Founders in 2019

LadyBoss​ by Kaelin Tuell Poulin

Great ideas sometimes come from intense life experiences. Kaelin’s story of success is one of them. When New Mexico-based female founder was just 19 years old, she was diagnosed with clinical obesity. Over one year she lost 29 kilograms and reshaped her physical lifestyle. Who knew that such an event in her life would be a pivotal moment to become an entrepreneur? Kaelin founded LadyBoss, weight-loss business, a perfect mix of fitness and nutrition assistance for women to lose kilos. This year the company is on track to revenue between $40 and $50 million.

From starting investment companies to establishing women’s health tech startups, female founders have shown a great deal of passion, dedication, and perseverance. 2019 was rich in prolific business endeavors led by confident and creative women. Female Founder Space’s team believes that 2020 will become an even more prosperous and rule-breaking year for female entrepreneurship.

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