How to make New Year’s Resolutions you can actually keep

How to Make New Year's Resolutions You can Actually Keep

Why even make New Year’s Resolutions?  Shouldn’t we be able to make resolutions and set goals every other day of the year? Although you should constantly self-reflect and be aware of your achievements, areas of growth and failures, there is something inspiring and refreshing about the prospect of starting a new year.
Especially with the difficulties we have experienced in 2021, the hopes we have for 2022 are even bigger and more special. We do not want to force you to make resolutions but if you are looking to set new goals this December, follow this article to learn some helpful tips on how to make New Year’s resolutions that you can actually keep.

Lessons to learn from 2021

2021 has been a year unlike any other and there is so much we can learn from it.
  • Things do not always go as planned. You cannot control everything.
  • Even the worst of times will have their highs. In our New Year Poll on Instagram, 97% of you answered that 2021 had some positive things in it for you.
    • Entrepreneurs and workers in other sectors have worked remotely and achieved great successes. Working remotely has reduced geographical and socio-economic barriers whilst also protecting our environment.
    • We have a newfound appreciation for freedoms and privileges that we previously took for granted.
    • The pace of life has slowed down and we have been able to be more present, grounded and grateful for what we have. Being uncomfortable and challenged has forced us to self-reflect and grow in ways we never imagined possible.
Reflect on your personal journey in 2021. New goals are often based on lessons you have learnt in the past. These lessons can stem from struggles or positive experiences. So make some of your goals a reflection of the past year. If you need a little inspiration, listen to Michelle Reed’s podcast episode on “Things I’ve learned during the pandemic.”

Let go of the new year, new me mindset and start focusing on how you can improve your old you. It is all about self-reflection and self-growth. 

Approaching your goals in a positive way

Make achieving your resolutions your goal, not an expectation. You should not view your resolutions as imperative. Instead view them as guiding lights. Your resolutions should guide you towards what you want to achieve and make out of 2022, instead of rigidly defining every step you take. If you release yourself from the pressure you may have put on yourself in past years, it will be much easier to make progress and see results. It is also important to not be too strict with yourself. Whether you achieve your resolutions or not does not determine your self-worth and it is also not essential for you to achieve all of them. Already achieving two of the goals you set yourself is a huge win. And finally do not make too many resolutions. The more specific and focused they are, the better.

5 Words for 2021

Write down a maximum of five words to guide you for the new year. These could be character traits, action verbs, names, objects. One or two of these words could refer to your entrepreneurial goals. Another word could relate to your relationships with friends, family or your significant other. The fourth word could relate to the kind of person you want to become. It could be a character trait. The fifth word could be something associated with how you can be the happiest version of yourself. Make sure to reflect constantly. Ideally do this bi-monthly or whenever the conditions in your life change. Throughout the year, you may add new words or replace some of your old ones.

New Habits and Routines

We commonly find ourselves focusing on how to optimize our physical health and appearance. We say we want exercise more, eat cleaner.  Although a healthy and balanced lifestyle is important, we must dig deeper. Focusing on your overall well-being and mental health will allow you to make your resolutions more holistic. Keep in mind the main cause of your resolution.  Instead of eating clean to reach a certain weight, incorporate nutritious foods into your diet to increase your concentration, improve your digestion and feel more energized. Instead of going for a run for the sake of doing an exercise, go for a run to take time off of work and improve your endurance. It also important to make your goals specific. For example, make it your goal to have one plant-based meal a day. Instead of saying you want to move your body more, set a time of day you want to do a workout, stretch or go for a run. Create a routine for yourself.

Also, go beyond improving your physical health and aim to do one self-care activity every day. Make it your goal to do a monthly reflection in your journal or to write down things you are grateful for. Whether that is every day or every month.

So how can you make sure you achieve your specific goals? Research has found that it can take between 21 and 66 days for you to internalize a new habit and make it part of your routine. So, remember that the first months are crucial. To stay motivated, focus on those goals that are most important for you and always remember why you set this goal in the first place.

Always remember why you set your goal in the first place

Entrepreneurship in 2022

What will the world of entrepreneurship look like in 2022? It is safe to say; the pandemic is not over. Although the Covid-19 pandemic has had devastating economic repercussions and severely impacted much independent businesses and local shops, it has also opened opportunities for innovation and positive change. 

The pandemic has shown us how powerful and great the internet can be. Working remotely has opened up new possibilities for young people. It has also reduced geographical barriers for entrepreneurs and shown that startups can develop internationally through the power of building a global network online. As an entrepreneur, think digitally. Make sure that you have a strong and visible digital brand identity as well as a strong SEO strategy. Also diversify your sales channels. 

The pandemic has also changed market and consumer preferences so make sure to adapt your business plans to the new market conditions and customer needs. In these extreme times you can also search for a niche.

We wish you an inspiring and successful 2022!


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