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Finding and owning our niche as an entrepreneur can be an overwhelming worry. Beverly Akufo-Addo knows just how to change that! 

Your businesses can’t run effectively without owning your niche, as it makes you stand out. Having a clear niche will help you in many things, especially in dealing with such important aspects as identifying and reaching your customers.

During our Instagram Live with Beverly we will dive deeper into her expertise on owning your niche. The Q&A session will be led by our founder Val Racheeva. Come and join to ask your question. 

Beverly has created a guide with six distinctive steps on how to find and own your niche. From the values you base your company on, to the way you interact with your clients and the market: She has tips, tricks and examples that will help you live a more rewarding and focused life as an entrepreneur.

She herself has found her niche: She is a discomfort zone coach and leadership consultant who specializes in helping her clients shatter their comfort zones to gain unstoppable confidence. With her company Vybe365 and her experience in many different industries she has helped more than 200 women all around the world already. 

Check out her article “6 Steps to Owning Your Niche” here.

If you haven’t found your own niche yet, be there for our Instagram Live to ask your question and get more clarity. 

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Starts at 13:00 CET Berlin/Paris 

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An in-depth discussion about finding and owning your niche.

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